DimensionsXR – Boards

An Open Access Journal of SSVAR

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a community of outstanding and internationally recognized professionals working in the Extended Reality and 3D Computer Graphics. It has the role to provide expert advices about the journal policy and priority research axes as well as act as super-reviewer in the case of major disagreement between reviewers and/or authors. SAB assist DimensionsXR in the process of recruitment of editors and reviewers.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board members are those who run the daily activity of the journal. They will care to contact authors and reviewers and could be asked to review manuscripts. They will also promote the journal among their fellows, partners, collaborators as well as on meetings and conferences.

DimensionsXR is a new journal and the beginning as usual is difficult. For the moment the journal could not pay salaries to the board members. As a reward for the efforts, members can publish one publication per year free of charge alone or in collaboration with other scientists.

Konstantin Startchev, Ph.D.


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