Andrea Bravo

Andrea Bravo

PhD Fellow – Information Presentation & Data Visualization: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Tangible User Interfaces

  • Copenhagen Metropolitan Area

Senior information UX designer & lecturer specialized in the communication and visualization of data with new media technologies. My interdisciplinary knowledge brings skilled expertise in the visual creative domain with user-centered methods (UX) and theoretical knowledge in human-computer interaction and cognitive science. My research at DTU focuses on the way of communicating and interacting with data with new media technologies such as Tangible User Interfaces, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

I have a solid international experience as a lecturer and senior information UX designer. Initially I worked in the advertising and fashion industry in Paris and Barcelona for 5 years before switching to research.

Today, I pursue my PhD studies next to my activity as a designer participating in projects merging science, art, and technology in order to make visible and accessible science and engineering research to the wide public.

I consult for companies and accept commissioned work. Please check the following website:


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