What’s reality?

The keyword of is this congress is… Reality!

Virtual, augmented, mixed,extended… all the talks will be around it…

But… Putting an adjective to the word «Reality» is strange… isn’t it?
If it’s «Real», it should be factual, truthful, pure …
So what’s a
… virtual
… augmented
Or mixed reality?

Eyes on the Sky: Towards Space Environmentalism

There are half a million objects floating in space and only around two thousand function. With little regulation and monitoring, the space junk problem is exponentially growing. Private companies must be held responsible for their actions. Just like your city streets, there are specific highways in space. Most of the time, objects remain on the path.When a space object stops…

XR for Discovery, Training, and Innovation

This keynote presents the vision and experiences have driven Dr. Cruz-Neira’s professional trajectory in XR, both in academic research and in entrepreneurial activities.She will address lessons learned, opportunities and challenges on using XR as a tool for: 1) enabling discovery and insight in many research disciplines 2) creating novel training environments in a wide range of situations; 3) improving, accelerating,…