Open talks Chapter 1
XR for Discovery, Training, and Innovation

XR for Discovery, Training, and Innovation

This keynote presents the vision and experiences have driven Dr. Cruz-Neira’s professional trajectory in XR, both in academic research and in entrepreneurial activities.
She will address lessons learned, opportunities and challenges on using XR as a tool for:

  • 1) enabling discovery and insight in many research disciplines
  • 2) creating novel training environments in a wide range of situations;
  • 3) improving, accelerating, and advancing processes and product-to-market operations;
  • 4) opening new models for education, both formal and informal; and many other areas impacting human life.

She will also discuss her vision on how to collaborate with a wide range of research and industry groups to effectively use these technologies as a force of innovation.

Pr. Carolina Cruz-Neira

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