Open talks Chapter 1
It’s about imagination

It’s about imagination

Imagination is the superpower of humans.
How do we ignite and fuel the fire of imagination and give people a sense of wonder about who we are and what we can accomplish.

Over a professional career spanning 54 years, Prof. Furness has been exploring and developing technologies for getting bandwidth between humans and computing machines.

His work has encompassed fighter cockpits, virtual reality, retinal displays, educational tools, medical simulators, pain, phobias, molecular modeling, scanning fiber endoscopes and entertainment systems.

This quest has been punctuated with side trips and ‘aha’ experiences that have led to unanticipated destinations.

Dr. Furness plans to talk about lessons learned on his journey including unexpected delights…with an aim to inspire, entertain and challenge.

Day 1 – Session 1 – October 28

Dr. Tom Furness

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