Open talks Chapter 1
What’s reality?

What’s reality?

The keyword of is this congress is… Reality!

Virtual, augmented, mixed,extended… all the talks will be around it…

But… Putting an adjective to the word «Reality» is strange… isn’t it?
If it’s «Real», it should be factual, truthful, pure …
So what’s a
… virtual
… augmented
Or mixed reality?

Adding anything to the word makes it different so we shouldn’t talk anymore about «Reality».

When we use the word «Virtual Reality» it makes you think it’s not real, fabricated… fake.

So naturally you will oppose «Virtual» to «Reality» or «Augmented » etc.

But why are you so sure?

Is REALITY so pure that if you add anything to it you get something completely different?

In this short talk, I want to you to challenge your certainty…

Day 1 – Session 1 – October 28

Mohamed Sangaré

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