Antony Vitillo

Antony Vitillo

I work with virtual and augmented reality technologies since 2014, when I co-founded Immotionar, a startup that aimed at adding full body of the user inside the virtual world.

In my startup journey I learnt a lot about this technologies, both on a development side (so, developing applications in Unity for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc…) and on a business side (management of a VR product, analysis of the evolution of the VR market, etc…). My company got some awards and press coverage, but at last it shut-down. So, now I’m offering what I’ve learnt in this long journey to companies and people who may need it.

Connecting with people has always been a passion, so for my company I’ve been blogger, social media manager and PR. Since august 2016 I’ve also my own blog The Ghost Howls, where I talk about virtual reality, augmented reality and startup life.

This personal space is making me connect with many interesting people inside the VR ecosystem.

My previous experiences regards what I’ve studied at the university: I’m an engineer of the Politechnic of Turin and I’ve always loved development of any kind of applications, in particular the ones focused on computer vision and computer graphics.


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