Asmâa Hidki

Asmâa Hidki

Chief Medical Officer Associate – Health Informatics Expert at SSVAR -Information Systems/Management Researcher

Medical health informatics is my vocation – Global health & innovation is my passion.–Medical Doctor intern in General Surgery.- Specialised Professional Experte in Health Informatics and Digital Health with Special interest in the Global health informatics & International Management fields in the recent years.MD,MPH,MBA,CHI,DEA Math,PhD candidate .
My up to date linked profile highlight my work experience and education as Public Health & Management Professional, Health IT expert and mainly as E-Health Researcher with specific focus on Global health informatics.

Having been Accepted on 2016 for a Research Consulting &Expertise – Internship at the World Health Organization!! ( Very Delight) which definitely enhanced my Management skills and having a deep insight regarding the work of the WHO in terms of International HealthCare Management.
Always very interested in doing Research in the field of Global Health informatics “GHICS “and in the field of InformationManagement SystemS “HIMS”. For that reason–> I am currently Holding two positions in one hand as Scientific EHealth Researcher Assistant AND a PhD cand in Information System & Management in healthcare.

As i am seeking continually to exchange, learn from different top notch scholars – directors researchers in the field of Global health informatics /E-health – Digital health as much as i can to improve my international Management information Systems skills in order to keep moving forward and be able to work as a reliable fellow in Global Health Division or International Organisation or Research Department on the topic of ‘Digital E- health &International Healthcare Management of IS’ .

Asmâa HIDKI:


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