Dragan Stiglic

Dragan Stiglic

With background in computer sciences, applied physics, and directing for film & multimedia, Dragan is multi-disciplinary expert working as Creative Director, Innovator, UX director, Film producer & director, project manager, and high-tech consultant.

Being in the first wave of commercial computer graphics, Dragan learned first 3D DCC software on Amigas, PCs, and SG computers, and assisted establishing first animation and VFX studios and teams in France, Germany, Hungary, UK, ex-Yugoslavia, and Israel.

In 1996 he created COSMOGON Creations – creative productions flex-firm – team of experts dispersed across the globe, cooperating over the internet.
With experience spanning numerous commercials, feature film, games, software, entertainment rides, internet, virtual studio, XR, VR, and AR projects – using cutting-edge technologies – Dragan was constantly influencing various significant developments in both high-tech and entertainment industries.

After years of being ‘’pixel-gipsy’’, Dragan settled-down in Israel, co-establishing first studio for high-end animation, visual effects, multimedia and games.

Dragan invented the seed concept for world’s first commercial virtual studio technology system – at Pixel Control (today Viz-Rt), and co-patented LightWarp lens – world’s premiere non-linear-3D-CG lens – empowering optical control of 3-D layout for stereoscopic and multi-view 3-D productions.

In mid-nineties – he created concept and pipeline for premiere commercial virtual production facility – Virtual One Studios. He was leading a team that produced world’s first real-time Virtual Production (XR) SF sitcom – Halalit.
By cofounding SuperPrevis, Dragan pioneered use of real-time CG – to previsualize scenes for films & commercials for cinematic purposes and efficient production.

To accelerate 3D virtual production, Dragan designed Capscene – premiere concept for VR-tech-based pre-visualisation – using hacked personal display, real-time mocap, and tracked DV camera. Capscene was launched as open-source presentation concept in 2001. Similar concepts were later used in more or less expanded forms – by production and VFX companies world-wide.

Dragan co-designed the concept, and assisted integration of aero-space high-tech entertainment gig – Rocket Racing League, assisting the creation of world’s largest virtual pathway in the sky – for this first Augmented Reality (AR) Sport.

While cooperating with team at Human Eyes Ltd. Dragan researched human vision with special focus on depth-perception, arriving to the conclusion that the true natural mechanisms of human vision and perception of depth, are not as simple as the mainstream technology would want it to be. According to Dragan – the true secrets of how we see reality – are just to be discovered.

He assisted Human Eyes Ltd. in creating XR strategies for commercial consumer grade VR and XR cameras.

Recent focus: UX direction and creation of novel XR concept and IP https://draganstiglic.myportfolio.com/hight-tech-ux-ar-vr-mr

• Reversed AR Augmented Reality – XR concept where live video feeds are contextually super-imposed over animated 3D models or VR dataset of any machine, device, industrial process, or environment.
• Reversed Virtual Studio – creation of concept and patent – where motion pictures of live people can be integrated within CG or VR environment for purpose of education, science, training, service, entertainment, etc.
“I really love what I do, and it is my belief that through researching and experimenting in Extended Realities, we can learn some important secrets about our ourselves, our real-world, and then – design ways to significantly improve it.” – Dragan Stiglic

Research in XR

Day 3 – Session 6 – October 30


On the road to 3-D Depth Illusion with no glasses


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