Emmanuel Keïta

Emmanuel Keïta

Associate Consultant at Aveyo, a management consulting company, Emmanuel Keita has a 20 years multi-disciplinary background in mathematics and information system management.

  • “Augmented Intelligence Evangelist”, he loves popularizing decision making discernment to different audiences : “AI is more than data !”
  • National defense auditor (France), Emmanuel was contributor of the “Villany report” ( AI’s French strategy, 2018) and author of an article “Le potentiel des réseaux bayésiens” in Défense & Stratégie Internationale (2019). He also wrote an article in a forthcoming book  “Risque et principe de précaution”, Coll. Philosophie du Droit, Dalloz (2020).

Open talks

Day 3 – Session 7 – October 30th


Yes, artificial intelligence exists, but it will not save the world !


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