Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD

Daniel Dumitrescu

During his professional career, Daniel was employed in middle and top management positions in the financial realm: Banks, Export Credit Agencies, SMEs Credits Guarantees Funds, European Commission, Innovate UK Agency, with his last mandate as Chief Executive Officer at the Romanian Commodities Exchange where he was in charge of the digitalization of the entire business, with extraordinary financial results: doubling the revenues, a fivefold increase in profitability, acquiring 97% of the energy market with transactions up to 1,2 billion euros on the gas market alone.

After 20 years in the financial realm, with a doctorate in Cybernetics and Statistics on new alternative finance instruments, certified in innovation by MIT and a declared fan of the Blue Ocean Strategy, in 2019, Daniel combined the results of its researches with globally proven business methodologies to co-found InnovX, a Xelerator aiming at fastening the growth of ambitious and innovative startups in technology from Central and Eastern Europe.

Taking the leap towards entrepreneurship, he founded InnovX Xelerator by merging an Innovation Exchange with BCR Business Accelerator, part of Erste Group Bank AG, one of the largest financial services providers in CEE serving 15.7 million clients in over 2,700 branches in seven countries.

InnovX Xelerator

Scaling is more than an ambitious plan. It’s your future! That’s why InnovX Xelerator joins forces with BCR Business Accelerator to create one of the most ambitious hubs for entrepreneurial innovation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Through our program, you’ll get immediate access to the newest technologies, top education, and global communities. Our success relies on our network of global partners that are ready to offer proven tools to boost your innovation for further development.


We help companies to bring their products and services in front of their customers in a mater of minutes, by using Augmented Reality (AR).

In the context of Digital Transformation this can lead to performance increases in the areas of Sales, HR and Marketing.

indexAR is a tool for delivering AR content fast and easy.  It takes 5 minutes to create and deliver an AR experience through indexAR, instead of 5 months through classic solutions. 

It’s like YouTube, but for delivering 3D content instead of videos.

We provide: 

1) the content management platform that allows companies with a few drag and drop actions to create a AR experience & manage the content on their own;

2) a free mobile app (iOS and Android) for the customers,  allowing them to see those products & services in front of them as if they were real.

indexAR can be used for sales, presentations, brand awareness, training, onboarding new employees.

Take a look at the end result:    

Razvan Boldis

Founder of indexAR – first entrepreneurial experience. 

Autodidact, curious, obsessed by finding answers and new ways of doing things better.

I have built a Mobile AR Browser, the first of it’s kind in Eastern Europe, because my goal was to make AR accessible for everybody, not only for big companies.I started from scratch, with no money and no technical experience.I managed to provide the necessary funding (250K EUR) to develop a TRL 6  – Technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies).We have paying customers (Bosch Rexroth, Accenture,  IFM Electronic, Phoenix Contact,  Continental Automotive, The Commercial Bank of Romania, Riverside Residence)  and working on quotations for companies from medical, real estate and entertainment.


“Univrse Education” is an Edutech platform that combines education with technology to create a pleasant digital environment that children could use to learn and understand school subjects. Using the devices they already have, students and teachers can connect in a virtual classroom where teaching is facilitated by interactive 360 environments, 3D models of the subjects studied or virtual laboratories to simulate the concepts of physics and chemistry. We take the educational process beyond the walls of the classroom, offering VR and AR experiences.

Mircea Matei

Graduated in psychology in the UK, worked as a child psychotherapist for 3 years in both England and Romania, allowing me to be close to children and understand their needs and expectations. We have developed a VR business in the Entertainment field, scaling to 5 locations in a franchise system in 2 years.

Andrei Stanescu

– Versatile solution architect and technical consultant with 6+ years of demonstrated hard-work and passion for information technology and software engineering. Andrei has been involved in multiple projects, offering his expertise to both local startups, and also international brands such as: Adidas, Schaeffler, Fresenius and Allianz. From an Academic perspective, he is a PhD student and researcher at MINES ParisTech, studying the use of Immersive Technologies in Crisis Management and Education

Flavian Popescu

-Experienced IT Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Databases, Management, Linux, Telecommunications, and Technical Support. Strong support professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Database Support for Business from Academy of Economic Studies


In a market highly driven by experiential shopping experiences, 60% of the over 2.14 billion people worldwide that are expected to buy goods online in 2021, are quality and image driven consumers that need to have access to unique and specialized providers. However the 3D virtual models of their furniture and appliances are impossible to be found in any of the interior & landscapes design application available today.

Independent specialized retailers, that are accounting for 35% of the market, have a major problem with gaining visibility and being present in the online commerce market (as 90% of the market is dominated by big retailers / providers or Asian no name providers). They are missing out on nearly $1 trillion in sales because their customers are already turning online to find things they can’t or won’t look for in stores. In consequence

Born from the know-how and vast experience of one architect and one IT entrepreneur, aRchiHype  is the only EU based, revolutionary direct-to-consumer design social application that enables everyone, from all over the globe, to create accurate real-time 360-degree tailor made augmented reality interiors and landscapes by using unique, specialized and verified products not produced in large series. Thus, it gives the consumers greater confidence to select and purchase design items (furniture and appliances) and increasing the internationalization opportunities and competitiveness for the independent specialized retailers /providers challenged by the with online sales

Sorina Iuga– Co-Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 

Sorina is experienced in designing market entry strategies for the adoption of innovative solutions. She studied in Bucharest, Romania. She has a Master Degree in Business Audit and Information Systems (2005), a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Cybernetics (2003) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication and Negotiation Techniques from the Polytechnic University (2012). She has over 5 years of experience in dealing with innovations in areas such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technologies, e-Health, Cybersecurity, HPC, and others. She builds on over 15 years of business development and sales experience in the IT field, in companies such as Indra Sistemas, Oracle and IBM. She is also Co-Founder in 3 other companies activating in fields, such as: blockchain, chemical regulations, recycling and foodtech.

Bogdan Moldovan – Co-Founder and CTO (Chief Technical Officer) 

Bogdan has more than 15 years of experience in development, consulting, solution architectures and project management. He has spent more than 10 years advising and selling IT&C Professional Services and Software to various Telecoms around the world. He is experienced in business development and managing sales and presales teams and processes. He has deep understanding of the telecom (both legacy and NGN) architectures (core network, OSS and BSS). Bogdan has an MBA Degree from The Open University (2004 – 2009) and has studied Electronics at the Polytechnic University. He is Share Holder and CEO at Axigen Messaging and Co-Founder of Modulor Consulting.

Andrei Uleia – Founder and CINO (Chief Innovation Officer) 

Andrei is a seasoned architect with more than 20 years’ experience in the buildings and interior design industry. He has design & construction experience exceeding 6M sqm, comprising of 1.048.240 sqm of Building Design, out of which: 133.000 sqm Office buildings; 94.640 sqm Retail; 244.000 sqm Office fitout; 35.000 sqm Education; 453.000 sqm Residential; 18.500 sqm Healthcare; 45.000 sqm industrial. Andrei has a Project Management diploma from Codecs (2008), Master Degree in Sustainable Urban Development (2004) and a Bachelor Degree in Architecture (2002), both from “Ion MINCU” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest .Andrei is CEO and Founder of DaSein WAM Architecture Design Company and Founder of Adaptive WHOLE Environments aka AwE WorkS  (operated through Leading Edge OWE)

Magdalena Jabłońska

Magdalena is a professional with over 16 years of business consulting experience (Deloitte, PwC). She is the CEO of the Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship, which runs in the Warsaw accelerator MIT Enterprise Forum CEE. Connects and coaches technology entrepreneurs, enabling them to organize Proof of Concept and tap into Polish ecosystem.


The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE delivers a CEE-based, equity-free startup acceleration program. Participants benefit from a proven approach that has led to fast and efficient scaleup for dozens of startups.
Our accelerator is affiliated with the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Participants get training based on the strategies and tactics taught at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. We provide high-value support in finance, law and business via consultants from the CEE region and beyond. Our mission is to help you to build a robust value proposition, then enter and scale in international markets, primarily in the United States.
We are a member of the global MIT Enterprise Forum network, joining 10 US chapters and several international chapters, including those in Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Spain. Our headquarters are in dynamic Warsaw, serving Poland and fourteen other CEE countries including Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Ukraine.


Holo4Labs – a tech company bringing more security and agility to Laboratories thanks to Mixed Reality (MR), remote training/audit, IoT integration, process innovation. With Holo4Labs loboratories stay on the edge of tech innovation, efficiency and remote collaboration in pandemic times.

Przemysław Budnicki

CEO @Holo4Labs – first worldwide mixed reality solution for laboratories. 

Over 20 years of experience in fulfilling business needs by most innovative ICT technology. Market strategist and business mentor. 

Implements AR/MR projects in Life Sciense & Industry 4.0. 

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How XR startups can be useful to scientific research and innovation in Europe

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