Monique Morrow

Monique Morrow

With over 25 years’ experience as a global technology leader, Monique Morrow is Senior Distinguished Architect for Emerging Technologies at Syniverse Technologies where her main role and responsibilities is to provide thought leadership and to help the strategic direction and
vision for Syniverse’s identified emerging technologies across the company, partners and industry forum.

Specific focus areas include extensions of Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] and other emerging components of Blockchain technologies to Syniverse’s Lines of Business and our Enterprise. Emerging technology areas include DLT interoperability; Zero Knowledge Proofs/Data Anonymization, Trust and Identity and Mobile Payments.

She has worked across the industry including AMD, Ascom Hasler, Swisscom, Cisco and has been active in the start-up community.

Additionally, Monique is President and Co-Founder of the Humanized Internet a Swiss based non-profit with a focus on digital identity and ethics in technology.

Monique is also President of the VETRI Foundation based in Zürich, Switzerland.
The main purpose of the Foundation is to represent a platform now known as VETRI, and to finance, establish and implement initiatives focused on data management and control and data
protection. The foundation adheres to the principles of “trust and transparency”. The vision is to empower individuals to have control over their own data.

She is also an active member of the IEEE Ethics in Action Executive Committee as well as Co-Chair of the IEEE Ethics in Action Extended Reality Committee.
Monique has been recognized in the industry for her tireless focus on social good.

Monique holds over 11 patents and has co-authored several books.

Monique was selected as one of the top Digital Shapers 2018 in Switzerland.
Forbes Magazine listed Monique Morrow as one of the top 50 women
globally in technology.

OneWorldIdentity recognized Monique as of the top 100 influencers in
identity for 2019.
In May 2019, Monique was recognized by Cybersecurity Ventures as one of the top 100 women in Cybersecurity.

In March 2020, Monique was one several innovators featured in Red Bull Innovator Magazine.
In April 2020, Monique was selected as one of the 5 leading figures in Business by the Europa Forum Lucerne [Switzerland] specific to its theme, “Safety and Security in Times of Uncertainty.”

Monique Morrow is President of The VETRI Foundation which has been exploring the Fair Data Economy.
Monique is also the co-Chair of IEEE Ethics in Extended Reality and she will discuss the challenges and recommendations specific to Social Interactions; Mental Health; Education and Training; the Arts; Privacy, Access and Control in order to inspire towards a safe and sustainable reboot as we chart a path towards a Fair Data Economy.

Monique has an MSc in Digital Currency and Blockchain; and M.S. in
Telecommunications and MBA.

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