Dr Labaly Touré

Dr Labaly Touré

Dr Labaly TOURE, Geographer-Geomatician, Researcher Teacher is the Director of GEOMATICA, a company of expertise, training and research and development in applied geomatics in Africa.

International consultant, he carried out several expert missions in Senegal and in many countries in Africa.

He is a member of several research groups. He is the author of several scientific articles and a book on setting up a GIS for land management.

He is among others the Vice-President of the Network of African Professionals of Geomatics (RPAG) and President of the Training Commission of the Senegalese Association of Geomatics Professionals (ASPG).

Open Talks – Chapter 1

Day 2 – Session 7 – October 29th

Talk :

Applications of space sciences for the development of Africa



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