Dr David Parisi

Dr David Parisi

David Parisi is an Associate Professor of Emerging Media at the College of Charleston whose research explores the past, present, and possible futures of touch technologies.

His book Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing (University of Minnesota Press, 2018) shows how electric shock, experimental psychology, cybernetics, aesthetics, telemanipulation robotics, and virtual reality each participated in a reconceptualization of touch necessary for its integration into contemporary computing technologies.

His writing on tactility has appeared in publications such as LogicTechCrunchOpen!ROMchip: A Journal of Game Histories, Convergence, and Game Studies.

Parisi also edited the Haptic Media Studies volume of New Media & Society and is a member of the recently established Haptics Industry Forum.

Sci-Arts,Gaming and Cinema

Day 3 – Session 3 – October 30th


Toward a Haptic Extended Reality?


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