Dr Veronica Costa Orvalho

Dr Veronica Costa Orvalho

I envision a world where technology retains it humanity.
I am a dreamer and an optimist engineer. Fascinated by the many ways in which people communicate, learn and share knowledge, led me to discover a new way to interact and scale our presence in the digital era instilling trust and empathy in digital communication. I did my PhD in Computer Graphics in Barcelona many years ago. I am a professor at Porto University and the Founder and CEO of Didimo. I recently gave a TEDx talk to over 1000 people, received the Women Who Tech Award in New York and the IBM scientific award. My inventions have been used by Universal Studios, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon and European and Portuguese research funded projects.
I love to be outdoors and talk with people, random people, close friends, everyone. I like creating new things, inventing and going beyond what my imagination can envision.

My everyday life motto is: breath, learn, learn, learn, observe and then share.

Specialties: software development, algorithms, physical simulations, geometric deformation, video game development and design, 3D visualization, facial modeling, facial animation, facial rigging, facial recognition.

Artificial Intelligence and Human computer Interactions

Day 2 – October 29th

Topic :

The art and science behind Digital Humans


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