Dr Takoua Ben Issa

Dr Takoua Ben Issa

Takoua BEN ISSA doctor in chemistry and researcher in material sciences at the university of Monastir-Tunisia. Dr. Takoua is a material scientist she is the author of 3 books and 8 scientific papers. She is studying essentially the molecular architecture of organic and hybrid compound to explain its relationship with their biological and pharmacological activities.

Since 2018, she is working as a scientific coordinator for more than 15 scientific events on Nanotechnologies, smart materials, medicines etc… She joined the SSVAR in 2019. Dr. Takoua is a chief event manager of #dimensionXR and #XRCOL2020 (June 2020).

She is also a Business developer at the association as she is working on partnerships between SSVAR, universities, companies, and associations. Now, she is the project manager of a POC between the University of London and SSVAR. 

Session 1 – Day 1 – October 28


Moderator of the Conference chairs panel


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