Giovanni Landi

Giovanni Landi

My career is tied to Immersive Technologies and Spatial Computing: started as data visualization scientist (cartography and oceanography), then AR developer, then AR/VR Creative Director, UX Designer and Evangelist.

I spoke at 4 editions of AWE and 2 TEDXs, presented my works at 2 ISMARs and I won an Auggie Award for an Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign.

I had the honor to work with some of the most important Italian museums. I designed and developed some of the most ambitious AR experiences in Italy. Mainly related to Cultural Heritage and art. One of them is a permanent exhibition at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome that augments bas-reliefs from 9BC. It had over 100k visitors in the last 2 years.

I’m evangelizing about AR, TEDx speaking about AR, writing books about AR, lecturing about AR between Italy and Switzerland and training enterprises about business opportunities with Mixed Reality (Industry4.0).

I’m among the founders of the Italian Mixed Reality Association and AWEnite Italy.

In the past 4 years I had the pleasure to connect and discuss about the future (and the present!!) of AR and VR with great people among AWE, ISMAR, IEEE, ARinAction, Singularity University, AREA, VRARA, Unesco, European Union, and Universities around the world (MITMediaLab, Harvard Visualization Lab, ETH, EPFL, etc.).

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