Krzysztof Pietroszek

Krzysztof Pietroszek

Dr. Pietroszek is a tenure-track professor in the Film and Media Arts Division of the School of Communication. He is the Founding Director of the Institute for Immersive Designs, Experiences, Applications, and Stories (Institute for IDEAS), an Associate Director of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking, and is also affiliated faculty at the AU Game Lab, and the Department of Computer Science. Krzysztof teaches immersive filmmaking courses in the undergraduate and graduate film programs and game development courses in graduate game programs.

Krzysztof research interests include the application of machine learning to media, designing volumetric cameras and telemedicine equipment, and developing technologies related to creating films and interacting in virtual and augmented reality.

Krzysztof is also a filmmaker, who produced an award-winning feature film (“Waiting for Summer”), wrote and directed six short fiction and documentary films (“Private Apocalypse of Tim”, “Agape”, “Daniel”, “Eve”, “Greenscreen”, and “Vera”), and created a transmedia mixed-reality experience (“Vera”).

Krzysztof developed several VR video games (“Cube VR”, “Chessnaught VR”) and published over 40 peer-reviewed research papers. Dr. Pietroszek’s research is supported by the National Science Foundation, Canada Media Fund, private industry partners, and other federal funding agencies. To date, Krzysztof raised nearly 3,000,000 USD in various funding.

Krzysztof was also a founder of a number of startups, including Netclick, an education technology company funded by Imagine K12 (Y-combinator) incubator in Silicon Valley, and Cineclick, a games-in-cinema startup financed by Canada Media Fund.

A true explorer, Krzysztof hitch-hiked 30,000 miles, climbed Kilimanjaro, Mt Blanc, and a thousand of smaller mountains, barely survived climbing Matterhorn, and backpacked in over 60 countries. In his spare time, Krzysztof writes travel books and children stories, plays piano and tennis and occasionally climbs a nearby rocks.

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