Dr. Roderick McCall

Dr. Roderick McCall

Lead Researcher with around twenty years’ experience in a variety of research organisations and universities in Germany, Luxembourg and the UK. Core themes within these are augmented and mixed realities, human-computer interaction, serious games and behaviour change technologies (mobility and energy). A major part of my work involves mixed realities and HCI for security-related topics, e.g. radiological incidents, terrorism and crime. Other recent work is exploring behaviour change approaches to help ease energy poverty. A key motivating factor for me is to take basic research ideas from the lab to industry.

Example of some current or very recent projects:
* H2020 SAYSO – PI @LIST.
* H2020 PasCal – member of LIST team.
* H2020 TARGET – project technical coordinator.
* H2020 STEP-IN (PI/coordinator).
* FNR Pathfinder – TARGETplace (PI).
* FNR Proof-of-concept – STARRI (PI).
* FNR Pathfinder – RISAR (PI).

Since 2011, I have attracted around €6m in funding from the EU, FNR and industry. Most recent funding coming from the EU (6 H2020 applications accepted). Prior to being at LIST I founded the IGNITE (Interaction, Games and Novel Interface TEchnologies) research collective at the University of Luxembourg, which was part of the SECAN-Lab research group.

Aside from work I am a bit of a current affairs and theatre junkie.

Artificial Intelligence and Human computer Interactions

Day 2 – Session 5 – October 29th


Future Challenges: The Augmented World


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