Walter Greenleaf, PhD

Walter Greenleaf, PhD

I am a research scientist, trained in Neuro and Behavioral Science. I am also a medical product developer, with a specific focus on virtual reality and digital health technology. I’m proud of the products that I and my colleagues have developed and brought to market. I’ve been active in developing Clinical Virtual Reality Systems for more than 30 years.

I recently served as the Director of the Mind Division, Stanford Center on Longevity. I am currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s MediaX Program and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. In addition to my work at Stanford, I am SVP of Strategic & Corp. Affairs to MindMaze and Chief Science Advisor to Pear Therapeutics. I am a VR technology and neuroscience advisor to several early-stage medical product companies.

My doctoral research at Stanford in Neuro & Behavioral Science focused on the interaction between hormones and human behavior. While working on my dissertation I founded the first of several successful medical product companies. I have since maintained this dual-role in academics and business – lecturing, conducting research and publishing, while concurrently developing and bringing medical products to market.

As a pioneer that has remained active in the development of medical applications of Virtual Reality Technology, I also frequently contribute to the field as keynote speaker, as an editor for a leading journal, and as a conference organizer.

Specialties: My product designs include applications in; surgical simulation, 3D medical visualization, telerehabilitation, clinical informatics and decision support, ergonomic evaluation technology, automatic sleep-staging, psychophysiological assessment, as well as simulation-assisted rehabilitation technologies.

In behavioral medicine I have developed and helped bring to market systems for the treatment of PTSD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders and addictions.

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Virtual Reality Technology, Machine Learning, Biosensing – Converging to Transform Healthcare


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