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Toward a Haptic Extended Reality?

Toward a Haptic Extended Reality?

Haptics technologies—technologies that capture, store, transmit, and reconstruct touch sensations—have long been promised as a possible means of restoring touch to virtual experiences, as a means of countering and supplementing the audiovisuality of computer-generated and computationally enhanced worlds.

Up to this point, despite a research and development tradition that stretches back at least to the 1960s, these technologies have fallen short of meeting the lofty promises made for them.

Against this backdrop, I explore ‘the dream of haptics’: the humanistic, liberatory, transformative, deterministic, and utopian hopes repeatedly mobilized around haptics technologies that situate them as a means of reconnecting to and rediscovering a lost mode of experience.

I am interested in understanding the present cultural status of haptics technologies through an exploration of their victories and setbacks: where have haptics technologies succeeded—and why?
Where and how have they fallen short?

And, in looking to the future, what potential—if any—does this new generation of just-on-the-horizon haptics devices for XR have to finally realize this dream of haptics?

How might the integration of haptics into XR interfaces alter and transform our digitally mediated posthuman sensorium?


Dr. David Parisi

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