XR Safety and Privacy
Where privacy meets Accessibility in XR

Where privacy meets Accessibility in XR

Privacy in XR and Spatial Computing is more than just Data protection, the amount of data collected, processed, stored, and ultimately being misused, Regulation.Up to date, digital frameworks were not designed with accessibility as their foundation, but why?

 Therefore, a post-production movement emerged to make digital systems accessible to all. With immersive technologies, both the hardware and software of XR should be customizable for all users and, specifically, for those with disabilities or special needs.

Only then can we hope for an extended reality design and development that is genuinely human-centric and accounts for human limitations, whether temporary or permanent infusing accessibility into the privacy landscape is not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it leads to better, more inclusive digital environments and a culture where everyone feels welcomed.

Alina Kadlubsky

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