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XR Bootcamp masterclass

XR Bootcamp masterclass

Skill-to-Job Advanced XR Modules for Universities (Physics Based Interactions, Rendering Optimization, Remote AR)

The XR skills Gap (by quality & quantity)Understanding the skills and tools required by industry todayHow to prepare students and XR enthusiasts with advanced skills?Mentorship & Peer to Peer learning through online toolsXR Job Opportunities for junior and senior XR roles

Ferhan Ozkan (Co-founder, XR Bootcamp)

Dennys Kuhnert, COO and Founder of Holonautic

Roger Kung, CEO and Founder of Holonautic

XR Bootcamp Lightning Talk: Advanced Interaction Design & Hand Tracking

You will learn how to improve interaction design and hand-tracking! Attendees will learn time-saving tips and tricks when prototyping VR apps and learn some fundamental practices for building lifelike hand interactions.

What we will cover:

  • Practical tips on challenging hand-tracking and interaction design topics
  • Spatial thinking! Going from pancake to spatial (2D -> 3D)
  • Using video games as instruments of design 


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